Monday, June 29, 2009

Raspberry Bismarks

One of my all time greatest treats is the Raspberry Bismark. A yeast based pastry with raspberry filling & a thick whipped cream. There used to be an area bakery here in the northeast named Harris Bakers. The made a Raspberry Bismark that could rival any pastry. They went out of business years ago. I now get my Bismark's at a local bakery. Now, there are different versions of the Bismark. Some have chocolate frosting, some a glazed frosting, some are sugared and some are plain. Some have have fruit topping and some have no whipped cream. Some may even have a Boston Creme filling. Now, I've seen a Bismark that had chocolate topping and Boston Creme filling. This is not a Bismark. This is a Boston Creme donut. A Bismark must be comprised of these 3 following items to make it a Bismark. Pastry, fruit filling, & whipped creme. It may have fruit filling on top or even chocolate frosting. If it doesn't have the right balance of fruit filling and whipped creme in the center. Then it's just a stuffed pastry.

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